Control Panel Builder
Tesys Island Configurator
Critical Power, Cooling and Racks
Surge Protection Device
Varset Low Voltage Capacitor Banks
Energy, Grid, Communication
Easergy – Accessories
Easergy – Grid Automation, Comm & Monitoring
Filling & Capping Assembly Line
Filling & Capping Machines
Industrial Automation and Control
16 mm Harmony pushbuttons
22 mm Harmony plastic monolithic pushbuttons
22 mm Harmony plastic pushbuttons
22 mm metal Harmony pushbuttons
30 mm Metal Pushbuttons - Harmony 9001K
30 mm Plastic Pushbutton - Harmony 9001SK
9080 Open Power Distribution Blocks
Advanced Optimum panels - Harmony GTO
Advanced Touchscreen/Keyboard Panels
Altistart Line of Soft Starters
Altistart Line of Soft Starters ATS22
Altistart Line of Soft Starters ATS48
Cordsets & Connectors OsiSense XZ
Definite Purpose Contactors
DF Fuse Holder
EcoStruxure Motor Control Configurator
Electromechanical relays - SC.ZELIO_PLUGIN_RELAY
Fractional Horsepower Manual Starters with Melting Alloy Overload Relays
GS2 Fusible Disconnect Switch
Harmony Pushbuttons
Harmony XVB
Harmony XVC1 100mm Towerlights
Harmony XVC4 40mm Towerlights
Harmony XVC6 60mm Towerlights
High performance modular HMI - Harmony GTU
HMI Harmony P6
Industrial PC and Displays
Industrial PC and Displays (HMI_PC)
Lexium 28 Servo Drives and Motors
Lexium 32 Servo Drives & Motors
Lexium 32i Integrated Servo Drives
Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS Integrated drives
Limit Switches OsiSense XC
Linergy Terminal Blocks
LK4 Non Fusible Disconnect Switch
Manual Starters - Integral Horsepower with Melting Alloy Overload Relays
Manual Switches - Horsepower Rated for Self-Protected Motors
Modicon Line of M340/580 Micro Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
Modicon M241
Modicon Premium to M340/M580 converter
Monitoring & Control Relays - Zelio control - SC.ZELIO_CTRL
NEMA Pressure & Float switch
OsiSense XU Photoelectric Sensors
Power Distribution Blocks
Power Supplies, Commercial, ABL1, Panel Mount
Power Supplies, Industrial, ABL7_8, Rail Mount
Pressure Sensors OsiSense XM
Preventa XPS MP, MC, MCM
Proximity Sensors OsiSense XS & XT
Rotary Encoder
Safety Modules Preventa XPS
Small HMI controllers - Magelis SCU
Small Panels
Small panels with keypad
smart relays 10 to 40 I/O - SC.ZELIO_LOGIC
Solid State Relays - SC.ZELIO_SSR
TeSys Motor Control Solutions
TeSys N Contactors and Starters
TeSys VLS Disconnect Switches
Thermal Units Selection
Type C Power Relays
Type JCK Plug-in Timers
Type R/K General Purpose Relays
Type S NEMA Starters
Type X NEMA Relays
ultrasonic sensor
Vario Disconnect Switches
Wireless and batteryless pushbuttons
XALD, XALK 22 mm Plastic Control Stations
Zelio Time - timing relays
Low Voltage Products and Systems
I-Line Panelboards (Merchandised)
Lighting Contactors
Low Voltage Motor Control Center (Unit Selection Only)
LV Transformers
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Molded Case Circuit Breakers, B-Frame
Molded Case Circuit Breakers, H-Frame
NF Panelboards
NQ Panelboards
Safety Switches
Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation
Residential and Small Business
Combination Service Entrance Devices (CSEDs)
Enclosed Devices (Load Center)
Load Center Selector (Max 240Vac)
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Multi 9 Minature Circuit Breaker
Wiring Devices
Wiring Devices